The Holiday Diaries

In 2001 I started writing a diary (or as my brother calls it, a “paper blog”) when I went on holiday. This was because back then I was an annoyed teen who was dragged around Hong Kong by my mum, visiting relatives and buying cheap tat.  I needed to vent about how annoying things were and a way to relieve all the boredom. It was all so ANNOYING. Thus the Holiday Diaries were born and I kept it up all the way until 2013, jotting down notes and doodles on paper like some savage – smartphones had existed for years by then!

I’ve decided to transcribe them into an electronic form, firstly as it’s easier to share the diaries with anyone who can be bothered to read them, but also in case the physical copies are lost in a fire or something. Feeble paper. Also you can follow the evolution of my writing from stupid teen-speak (or whatever mine was, I didn’t act like most teenagers) to grumpy adult observations. I did have fun as well, honest!

Select a diary:

Hong Kong and Taiwan, 2001

Hong Kong and Macau, 2010


More diaries to come.

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