22nd June (I hope I’m getting the dates right ‘cos no idea)

I probably got 2 hrs sleep last night this morning, if I’m lucky. Since it was flippin’ BOILING in our room we had (and still have) 2, yes 2 fans in our room and usually both are on. So last night I had to try to sleep through the noise of 2 practically ancient electric fans, with my head on a rock-hard pillow and afraid of bein’ eaten alive. And the frikkin’ cicadas do NOT know how to shut the fekk up. At first I was like, cool, cicadas (you don’t hear those in London ‘cept for me and Rino’s impressions of hiding in a bush). Laterz, however I was like: SHUT THE FEKK UP U ARSEHOLES!!

Then after getting ready to go out like a zombie ’bout 8.30am, we went to a luverly restaurant where you have ta wash ya own crockery and chopsticks, just to be on the safe side. I LURVE this place. Honestly. The food was worse than in England. Need I ramble on (well, I always manage to)? And there were Hello Kitty lanterns near our table. Like WOW!! Joke deSU. Saddo people.

Anyways, tomorrow I get to stay at my uncle’s gorge flat (with AIR CON) in the city. HOORAY! XD And I’m being sincere this time.

Oh yah they show Fushigi Yuugi (anime series) at 5pm.

I have so much crap to spew, I could go on forever. It sounds like I lurve it here, doesn’t it? Well, the shopping’s good ^_^


‘Anata no namae…’ – lyrics from the Fushigi Yuugi ending. I only caught the last bit and didn’t even hear their voices (hopefully good dubbed, but odds are stacked against). Oh well, NEXT TIME…(meaning tomorrow). At least I got to sing along to the ending! Hotohori should SO have killed Miaka. Aaagh! She’s sooo bloody annoying sometimes. What’s wrong with Tamahome for gawd’s sake?!

Oh yaaah (I’m forgetting about chronological order). There’s Chinese Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The contestants are a bit dumb sometimes. I could SOOO do better (if I could understand the questions ^_^;).

Oh yaaah (I HAVE to stop saying this, but I can’t HELP it! It’s like Rino going “oh oh oh oh oh OH OH” when she remembers summat, or “oh YEAH!”  @_@—>deafened me). What was I gonna say now?? ^_^; Yas, as for the mosquitoes, there are a coupla tennis racket thingies ‘cept deadlier. See hither diagram:

When the offender appears, grab the weapon and attempt to hit the offender with the wire mesh part with a stylish forehand or volley is poss. Then push THE button, passing a deadly voltage through the mesh and effectively frying the victim. Try to get a nice explosion for full satisfaction. Serves the buggers right, trying to swig from my veins. My mother appears to be most effective at using the weapon. She ALWAYS tries to make a large spark/cracking sound on impact and scares the hell outta me (being so jumpy) in the process.


I just found out that I can’t stay at my uncle’s until after I get back from Taiwan (Thurs). NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo!!!!! DAMN! I wouldn’t mind sleeping in a bed with unwashed sheets. They can’t be that bad…it must be better than this hell hole. I guess I won’t sleep for another coupla days.

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