23rd June

Got no sleep apart from a coupla hours I think. I was woken by my mum at ’bout 8.15 and had to get ready half conscious. My mum had to make sure that I didn’t kill myself careering down the stairs. I was bored to death in the restaurant as my mum chatted endlessly with her friend, and then I was bored to death again at her friend’s house as they talked ’bout medicine and being dizzy or some other crap. This morning I was SOOO pissed off (as you would expect of a boiling, sweaty, sleep deprived teenage girl) and was swearing in my head the whole way on the bus, but I’ve had time to chill (and shop ^__^). Bought Rino’s b-day present.

BLOODY MOSQUITOS. KILL! KILL! Woke up with bites all over my legs. Grrrrrrr!! Tried to electrocute buggers but too slow. Damn them! Now need to rub Mopiko cream into wounds. Eeeviiill beings. And guess how many bites my mum (who was sleeping right next to me) got? 0. The injustice!!

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