29th June

Allowed to do whatever. We all walked (stupidly) to large shopping centres which we thought were supposed to be quite close. Bloody boiling – glaring sunlight and stifling humidity. Luckily I was wearing short shorts. Cassandra (who had agreed with me the day before to both wear short shorts ) was wearing a long skirt and kept saying “I am quite warm now” and “I am reeelly  warm now”. “Warm” was a slight understatement. She is such a riot. Anyways went to a bookstore to cool off and bought various pieces of stationery before going to the large store. Didn’t buy much.

On the way back we got smart and took the underground for $20 each (’bout 50p). No broiling. Duh! 😛 Back at hotel had to wait until 17.20 to go to the airport. Mum had $197 left, so me and Cass went to blow it. However only spent $100 on a pair of hair clips (rip off, but well). When we got back at approx 17.15 we found that everyone was waiting for us and my mum had gone looking for us. Whoops ^ ^;. Got to the airport roughly on time. The flight was delayed by 40 mins, v. annoying. Seat right at the back of the plane >:/ Collected luggage by ’bout 11pm and said goodbye to peeps in the tour group. Got back to Tai Po (Dad’s cousin’s place) at 12.30-ish (stupid bus took the long way). V. tired, crashed ’bout 1.20am.


(Not v interesting huh)

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