27th June

Woke up at 6.45. Wake up call at 7. Kinda buffet-like breakfast. Had to put luggage in coach by 8.30 (going to other hotel T_T).

Went to some tea shop, where a guy went on about expensive fungus from which tea is made. Yawned a lot. Tried tea and beeswax. Mum bought some of the pricey fungus to make tea, and we all took empty bottles which were filled with free pricey tea. Then went to some jade shop, where a guy went on about expensive jade and the 4 dragon thingys (each of which is made up of 3 signs of the Chinese zodiac). Then people attempted to make us buy expensive jade-thingys but no way. Then went to place for lunch where we ate rice. Hang on, before lunch we went to an expensive hotel to look at it. V. beautiful ceiling. But alas we could not stay there. After lunch went to hot springs. Could see water bubbling in large tubs outside, with large amounts of sulphur in it. Went into individual rooms, 2 to a room (me with Mum). Had to change rooms 2 times: 1st one didn’t lock, 2nd one didn’t have cold water. Each time I left something the last room. Mum mad ^ ^;. Water seemed ordinary. People claimed skin smoother; may be psychological.

Evening – went to a Japanese restaurant to eat sushi. It was v. nice, but not sure what type of raw fish I ate. Hmm. Then walked round shops. Went into a large bookstore but couldn’t find manga. Began hating bookstore ’til discovered manga was upstairs. Wend mad in manga section ^__^.

2nd hotel – hmm. Lights difficult to use and way too dim. The room was smaller, though it had 1 double bed and 1 single. I slept in the double >:D No funky bathplug, and weird thing (soap, maybe) was stuck to the bath. Ew.

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