21st June

WAAI!! So, here I am. Actually, I’m not that excited. The flight took ’bout 11 hours as opposed to 12, probably cos one of the engines in the plane was a bit weird, and then they tried to hurry or summat. Me and my mum were transferred from economy to upper class on Virgin. Wai wai! No idea why. Anyways it was cool. Got to extend out legs and change the settings of the chair n stuff.

It is 33°C and over 100% humidity, as reported by the captain of the plane, who by the way had a Scottish accent and a camp voice. Guess what I had for dinner? Rice! My FAVOURITE EVER. And other stuff, some of which was inidentifiable. I thought that the whole point of a holiday is to go some where new, TRY NEW CUISINE. And what do I get?? The same fekkin’ stuff I get at home!

Oh yah, on the plane I spilt a glass of water down my seat and ended up lookin’ like I freakin’ wet meself. And I didn’t get to see the end of the film I was watching (Chocolat) when it got to an exciting bit as well. SCREW THEM!

Oh well, I got to wash and brush my teeth after over 48 hrs (I think). In the bathroom (which was 1 big bath tub, ala Grandma’s except at Grandad’s) the only dry space to put my clothes was a wooden stool of radius diameter 25cm, and it took me ’bout 10 mins to remove my clothes in order to save my favourite semi-flared jeans from a fate worse than death i.e. touching the wet floor. The smells coming from the toilet and basin are indescribable…it smells like sh*t gone wrong and then some. Well, whaddya you know it is describable. And the basin is black (as in it was painted black -_-;). I wonder why that is…?! At least the shower works at prob 100dpm (drips per minute) as opposed to 20dph at Grandma’s house.

Time for bed. Our room is like a sauna, cos there’s no air con (even though there is downstairs and in my cousin’s room I think) and also no mosquito net. So…will I survive?!? Dum dum DUM! Ok enough melodramatics for one day.

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