23rd May – Smug banana hammock

Yesterday me and Mum went on a late night (or late evening rather) shopping spree. Dad had asked for swimming trunks, and armed with the knowledge of his waist measurement we set about finding him a pair. There were really few pairs that small so when we found some we went for them. After getting back we got bro to try them on. I didn’t have high hopes as I’d tried them on over my PJ bottoms (for fun!) and they fit me. Hmm. Maybe my arse is bigger than previously thought. So as expected they were a tad itsy-bitsy. Durh! Thus we had to arrange yet another trip to Jusco in Tai Po centre to return them. They’re getting really familiar with us there now, like family almost. I though if they wouldn’t let us return them Dad would just have to wear them, Chippendale-style.

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