24th June

Stayed at Dad’s cousin’s flat last night and today. Has air con – goood. However still could not sleep. Still jet lagged? Hmm. Still plagued by itchiness. Grr…Went shopping and bumped into one patronising bar★d and his wife (though shouldn’t be so horrible – he is also Dad’s cousin ^_^;). I shall dub such adults ‘leadweights’ from here onwards (patronising bar★d/bitka: Pb = lead, geddit, geddit?!). So leadweights go on ’bout assumptions of me eating too much McDonald’s or some other sh*t. Why do all bloody Pbs think that westerners all love McDonald’s?? Well, I do have greasy skin… –__–. Mild bill fight, not too exciting. They think I don’t understand Chinese, talk to me like I’m either deaf or a 2 yr old or both. Grr. Hate leadies.

Retrospective NB – the term leadweight never took off in teen circles. Can’t understand why.

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