After braving it in the markets of Flower Street in Mong Kok while it was pissing down (think inebriated bloke as opposed to dainty lady tinkle) we ducked into the geeks’ lair known as the computer and electronics market, which mercifully is indoors. However it proved costly as we parted with HK$6400 for a laptop after an hour’s worth of talks with the salespeople (look and learn, airport laptop customer man!). Thanks to Mum’s bulldog-like friend Anna (in attitude only, not appearance mind!) the price went down from HK$6680 and they added 2GB of memory and an extra year’s warranty. And case and mouse! But that’s no big deal. We also managed to resist their attempts to fob off an older model on us which they assured us wasn’t hard sale or for any ulterior motive, say to shift old stock before a newer model renders it redundant. Anyway we are now proud laptop owners! Woo hoo.

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