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The return of Colour Collective for 2016

Colour Collective has made a most welcome comeback for 2016!

It’s a weekly Twitter-based art challenge where contributors must make use of a particular colour in their work. The colour is posted every Saturday at 09.00 GMT, with the artwork deadline at 19.30 the following Friday.

Colour collective - rose quartz (2)
My Colour Collective contribution for Rose Quartz, the first colour pick of 2016.

Colour Collective is the brainchild of the brilliantly talented children’s illustrator, Penny Lee-Neville. It has become wildly popular on Twitter since it appeared early 2015, attracting new talent and seasoned professionals alike. I’ve found that having a deadline for it every week has stretched my imagination and led to some great portfolio pieces. The best part of it is the sense of camaraderie between contributors no matter their background. There is always a huge amount of great feedback and support, and with no pressure and complete freedom it’s also lot of fun!

Anyone can join in – just check the colour at @Clr_Collective and post your amazing artwork with the hashtag #colour_collective. No more excuses – get creative in 2016!

Something missing…?

I’ve moved from my previous profession of pharmacy to illustration, but I remain a member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society . I still like to peruse the pages of the Pharmaceutical Journal (or PJ as we all call it) when it drops through the letterbox. RPS members now also get a monthly edition of Clinical Pharmacist.

I was slightly bemused when I saw the cover of the current issue of Clinical Pharmacist:

Clinical Pharmacist cover illustration missing


Was this a conscious minimalist design, or a deadline rush job? If the latter, I’d be happy to supply Pharmaceutical Journal Publications with an appropriate cover illustration…

Update 15/2/16 – It appears to be a design choice, as the cover of the following issue was just as bare. They used a different shade of blue though. It doesn’t take much to excite pharmacists!

Doubles Troubles

Trini Doubles_Prop Door Illustrations

I went to Trinidad and Tobago for the first time over Christmas. It was my first trip to the Caribbean actually, since Bermuda doesn’t count (and I’ve been told numerous times by Trinis that no, it definitely doesn’t). Whenever I go abroad I always make a special point to eat the local delicacies – I absolutely live to eat and want to take this philosophy across the world with me, no matter how much my waistbands object. There isn’t a shortage of luscious local specialities for T ‘n T, and I was regularly questioned by locals as to which of them I had or hadn’t partaken yet. They were repeatedly shocked to discover that pretty much the only one I hadn’t was THE street food of Trinidad: doubles.

For anyone unfamiliar with this fast food, it comprises chick peas sandwiched (or sometimes just topping) two pieces of fried flat bread, or bara. It is topped with the essential pepper sauce and often other extras such as shadon beni, mango or cucumber. As to when in day it is eaten, I would refer you to the hilarious and brilliantly -worded explanation from Wikipedia:

It is usually eaten for breakfast, and sometimes lunch, and mostly at night but can be a late night snack as well.

Glad that’s cleared up then.

A series of plan and flight time changes meant that I could not sample the amazing 24 hour treat that is doubles. It was such a tragedy that I have designed a T-shirt for those unfortunate enough to have also missed out, so that we may all lament together.

Doubles t-shirt


At least for now I can console myself with the tasty offerings from Roti Joupa in Clapham. But next time…!!

Doubles Roti JoupaDoubles from Roti Joupa. The photo doesn’t show them in the most flattering light, but trust me, they are bloomin’ delicious.  As the takeaway isn’t very close by, we bought loads and stuck what we didn’t scoff immediately into the freezer. They reheat very nicely, especially in the oven where they develop a nice crunch around the edge of the bara.

Here’s to doubles – a perfect street food (and vegan too!).



Squirrel War – what is it good for

Gentlebucks - squirrel war blog pic

I’ve just added a new strip to my Squirrel War webcomic, which is finally viewable online after I finished my website in the last week.  To celebrate this online debut I thought I’d talk a bit about the inspiration for the comic.

When I was a teenager my mum relayed news to me of a great tragedy: something had dug up all of the baby pak choi in our garden. Quel désastre!! What ensued was a Basil Fawlty-esque attempt to be rid of the vegetable patch vandal, which was obviously a squirrel either looking for food or just trying to stash it. I have no idea where my mum found some of the crazy suggestions she tried out as she could barely turn on the computer back then – and still can’t – but the day I saw her come in from the garden holding a pepper grinder I knew I had to document this battle of attrition (being waged by the squirrel on my mum).

And so Squirrel War was born! The very first strip was drawn (by hand) in 2012 and the evolution of the style is quite apparent, especially as I moved into digital from strip 4 onwards. Most of the strips that are currently up (up to 16 now) are based on real life occurrences; I’ll leave it up to you to decide which. If you can’t tell which are clearly made up however then I would start to worry.

Please continue to experience my bizarre humour, and thanks for reading! If you have a squirrel-related story suggestion for a comic strip, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll credit you if I use it.