28th June

Air con v. cold, prob ‘cos blanket too thin. Boring breakfast of dry toast, fried egg and cheapo ham. My friend’s brother broke his arm just before departure for Taiwan, and could not eat many foods inc. chicken and egg. He was often told to eat vegetables, ‘cos he can ^ ^;.

We went to some pearl shop, where a guy went on about expensive pearls. Hate guy. Especially tactless – told Mum not to let me eat as much oily food and to make me some more Chinese soup. Grrr >_< I feel like a complete freak in both H.K. and Taiwan ‘cos my skin isn’t pearly white and smooth as a baby’s rear end. DAMN them. Anyways, after leaving the pearl shop and rude bastard (after trying powdered pearl and NOT buying anything) we went to…er, I think is was the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Museum. Actually  we went there before the pearl shop, but oh well. There was a v. large statue of C.K.S., and a wax replica of him looking quite nice and grandfatherly-like. Hm. Quite boring actually but some nice art around. Afterwards we had lunch in some restaurant. Evening – had dinner and walked about again. Can’t really remember     ^ ^;.

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