Cake To Your Face, Today

On Tuesday I realised that I’d forgotten to arrange a cake for my Mum, whose birthday was coming up on the Friday. Going to the nearest shop which sells decent cake would be SO strenuous – a whole 20 minute journey is just too far. Due to my laziness over previous years, I have in the past googled places that deliver it (preferably free of charge). But it can’t be just any cake: it must be ultra light sponge (almost like air) and covered in whipped, unsweetened cream and topped with fresh fruit. Basically “Chinese Western cake”. Unsurprisingly I had no luck.

UNTIL! Amazingly on this Tuesday, I stumbled upon the cake site of my dreams: Cakes Today. They make cakes to order, which can be delivered free of charge to most London postcodes if your order is over £15. They can even be delivered the same day until 10pm, in case you have a cake emergency or mad craving. They are made with fresh cream and fruit as well as the more usual fondant icing type (most other cake places only do fondant or buttercream for delivery). With a choice of free piped message and a plethora of changes you can make for £4.99 each, including gluten free and low sugar, there’s no way you wouldn’t get the baked treat you want.

Cakes Today - Fruity Celebration Cake
The Fruity Celebration cake I got my Mum. It didn’t say Happy Anniversary, obviously.

The cake was delivered within the 5 hour time slot in nice condition. It was light and fluffy and not too sweet – just right for my picky Mum. Huzzah!!

From all the above you might think I’m affiliated with Cakes Today. I’m really not. I just like cake, to my face, the way I like it. Ok, the way others like it. With no extra delivery charge. I will return for more! Luckily my Dad’s birthday is just over a week away. It’s cake time again…

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