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Lobster London

Grilled lobster at Lobster London

Last night me and a fellow lobster lover visited Lobster London, the pop-up restaurant on the 29th floor of the Millbank Tower. It was my first time in the tower, and the first thing to strike me was the view which is fantastic.

The food was decent – both the chicken and mushroom sliders had a good, smoky taste, although the chicken was a little on the dry side. Skin-on fries were nicely crispy and fluffy; it was just a shame there were so few of them (as a reference, the contents of the above photo were for both of us). Salad was overly oniony and rockety, and just quite bitter really. As for the main attraction, the lobster tail was a touch overdone but otherwise hit the spot with the balance of sweetness and chargrilled flavour.

Service was efficient and friendly, which made me feel sorry for our waitress when she was continually let down by the bar and kitchen. Throughout the evening we placed orders for a virgin mojito, milkshake and “chocolate extravaganza” dessert, none of which were subsequently available. This lack of preparation (and prior communication) was quite disappointing, frankly.

Overall it was a nice enough dinner in a great setting, but I’ve had a better lobster dining experience elsewhere.