The return of Colour Collective for 2016

Colour Collective has made a most welcome comeback for 2016!

It’s a weekly Twitter-based art challenge where contributors must make use of a particular colour in their work. The colour is posted every Saturday at 09.00 GMT, with the artwork deadline at 19.30 the following Friday.

Colour collective - rose quartz (2)
My Colour Collective contribution for Rose Quartz, the first colour pick of 2016.

Colour Collective is the brainchild of the brilliantly talented children’s illustrator, Penny Lee-Neville. It has become wildly popular on Twitter since it appeared early 2015, attracting new talent and seasoned professionals alike. I’ve found that having a deadline for it every week has stretched my imagination and led to some great portfolio pieces. The best part of it is the sense of camaraderie between contributors no matter their background. There is always a huge amount of great feedback and support, and with no pressure and complete freedom it’s also lot of fun!

Anyone can join in – just check the colour at @Clr_Collective and post your amazing artwork with the hashtag #colour_collective. No more excuses – get creative in 2016!

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